2005: Telecom – RPS027


Telecom Mobile was a division of Telecom, New Zealand’s national telecommunications infrastructure company


There was no brief. I came up with this campaign idea and presented it as a new business approach to Telecom.

I came up with the idea of a text version of the ever popular Rock Paper Scissors game – RPS027. I presented this idea to Telecom Mobile knowing that this would be a funky way to engage with Telecom’s youth market.

It would also be a way for Telecom to provide something its customers were not expecting and to say thanks for being a customer.

It was also exclusive to Telecom’s 027 network, and very publicly made Vodafone young users feel excluded


The biggest challenge was actually getting this campaign concept in front of Telecom. I had no relationships within this prospect, and a very clear directive from the top, that Telecom Marketing were not to entertain unsolicited approaches from any outside agencies.

I persevered, and a after a few months, managed to present the idea to the then CEO, Head of Marketing and General Manager Corporate Affairs.

They brought it.


‘The world’s largest TXT Rock Paper Scissors Knock-out Tournament’ – an easy claim as at that time, nobody else had done it before.

We got the World RPS Society (yes really) to endorse the event.

We started with a viral campaign that got people wondering what was happening, followed by a suite of ‘low rent’, edgy TVCs and radio ads to activate the recruitment phase.

An integrated txt engine and website provided player updates of round play and detailed prize info.

We partnered with CanWest for radio adlibs and coverage on C4, the youth music TV channel. The final consisted of 8 people slugging it out in a live action, real RPS knockout tournament televised on a one hour show for the ultimate prize – to be crowned as champion and win some great prizes. We also flew the founders of the World RPS Society from Canada and Prague to act as referees on the TV show.


The campaign was hailed a massive success and great fun for Telecom’s loyal customers.

It engaged more than 85,000 participants and generated more than two million texts from their mobiles – a huge level of voluntary engagement.
In short, we created New Zealand’s biggest text promotion to date.


Strategy / planning; ideation; creative direction; project management


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