2006: Telecom – Push The Button


Telecom Mobile was a division of Telecom, New Zealand’s national telecommunications infrastructure company.


2005: Vodafone were introducing a range of 3G services and international content into New Zealand.
Telecom wanted a BIG idea/event to demonstrate that ‘It’s more fun on 027′


Although Telecom was the largest telecommunications company in NZ, in the mobile space, the market was split approximately 50 / 50 between Telecom Mobile and Vodafone

In NZ, Vodafone had managed to position itself as the challenger brand to Telecom Mobile, and in the youth space, had the ‘attitude’ and superior handsets

We had to convince the youth / young adult market that it was ‘more fun on 027’ (027 was Telecom Mobile’s brand and suffix)


We knew of a retired naval frigate was to be sunk off the coast of Wellington to create a marine reserve. The organisers of this event were looking for a sponsor

We created a  ‘once in a lifetime’ competition, only open to Telecom Mobile customers

Push the Button – A national txt based Battleships tournament where the eventual winner would actually push the button and blow up a real naval warship

The game and campaign involved a fully integrated website, WAPsite and txt engine and was delivered in 3 phases:
Recruitment phase: TVC, Radio, Street posters, online banners, online forums
Play phase: Radio adlibs, real time updates on the website and WAPsite
Sink Day (The pay-off): Radio live, TV national news, online forums


Set a new record for biggest txt game in New Zealand’s history
Over 90,000 registered players signed up in just 8 days
49% Female / 51% male players – the winner was a 21 year old female student
(24.2% response / engagement rate of the target audience: Young adults)
2.5 million mobile originated text messages.
On ‘Sink Day’, 150,000+ spectators on land, 240+ vessels on the water
Global media coverage not only of the sinking, but also Telecom Mobile’s role . Push The Button also featured in a National Geographic documentary called ‘Ship Sinkers’.


Strategy / planning; ideation; joint creative direction; project management


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