2007: Telecom – Clever Toys online


Telecom Mobile was a division of Telecom, New Zealand’s national telecommunications infrastructure company


Telecom was launching a new mobile phone brand campaign for the consumer market.

The ‘above the line’ campaign had already been developed by their agency, however we were appointed to develop ‘an engaging, fun, online experience’ to support the advertising.


Telecom New Zealand has been under terrific pressure due to changes in the regulatory environment – this has adversely affected public opinion towards Telecom.

The Clever Toys advertising campaign was designed by the ad agency to help reposition Telecom in the minds of the public, but we were asked to provide a real demonstration of the new position and close the loop.

We had just 6 weeks to plan, design, develop and deploy Clever toys online!


We needed to produce a site that was really sticky, and give many reasons for people to keep coming back to it again and again. In effect,
A portal / destination for consumers who want access to the ‘clever, cool and even strange’.
Fun but ‘connected’, it would people to become a part of the Clever Toys experience by really embracing the web 2.0 philosophy of encouraging people to ‘mash-up’ the Clever Toys platform through:

Performers / extroverts developing and uploading their own content through:
-‘Directed play’ – Developing competitions / promos with clear parameters established within which to work eg: movie homage concept.

-Providing the tools / images and props for them to become involved.

-Empowering everyone to become ‘Clever toys Reporters’, citizen journalists looking out for the Clever, Cool or Strange in their own local communities.

Spectators choosing to watch, listen to consumer generated content as well as other cool , connected information feeds like the Cool Hunting video blog from New York.

Providing ongoing reward / recognition for those people who become part of the Clever Toys community via ‘Clever Points’.

‘Clever Points’ was to be the ‘killer sticky application’ for the whole Clever Toys online experience as community members could ‘spend’ their points in the quarterly auctions.


The resulting site, http://www.clevertoys.co.nz , had many facets to it, such as:
1.    A content management system that handled user Generated Content including video, images and text.
2.    User propagation (friend get friend) in the form of E-greetings
3.    A monthly Leader board competition where the top 3 Clever Points scorers for the month won prizes,
4.    On top of all that, every member accumulated their Clever Points month by month so they could be used to bid for cool and Clever stuff in our quarterly auctions. Yes, we even built an online auction module for the site as well!
5.    The site also introduced the Clever Toys, as well as having a section on the Telecom range of mobile products and services that linked back to the main Telecom corporate site.


More than a campaign microsite, for 14 months, this site became a key platform for the Telecom Mobile consumer offering , especially focused upon the fickle youth market.
A complete program that was refreshed throughout the year by one-off competitions, stunts, and tactical online and ATL campaigns.

Registered community members exceeded Telecom’s expectations

Unique Visits exceeded Telecom’s expectations

Site engagement was phenomenal with the average site visit being 10 min 45 seconds!


Strategy / planning; ideation; joint creative direction; project management


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