2003: QV Online – Focus 1:1


Quotable Valuation New Zealand – Focus 1:1


Make a trade stand to help launch a new data service stand out at a DM Conference

Demonstrate an intangible service in an engaging way


2 weeks to prepare / reveal

Tiny budget


Instead of the usual ‘hi-tech’ data consultancy trade stand, we provided an imaginative simulation of of the view you’ll get into New Zealand households through using the Focus 1:1 data service (this service offered the only access to the National Property Database).

On day one, the booth was turned into the living room of a typical blue-collar home, complete with actors in pyjamas in the morning, and day clothes later. They were having conversations about their concerns and motivations while a TV blared in the background.

On day two, the actors and set changed to reflect the lives of higher socio urbanites.

As an added surprise, staff at the booth could signal the actors to change the direction of the conversations to fit the interest of any particular business visitor.

As curious prospects gathered to watch, sales staff worked the crowd to offer this kind of insight into the lives of their prospects with Focus 1:1.


This was an outstanding campaign – it was the talk of the conference and trade show, and even won the ‘best stand’ award.

Most importantly, the stand generated 23 corporate appointments that in turn provided orders and a ten-fold ROI.


Strategy / planning; ideation; copywriting


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