2006: ACC – Art Installation


ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) – category Government / PSA


ACC wanted to do something really unusual to help raise the public’s interest and awareness of their annual NZ Safety Week early in 2006. We were asked if we could come up with something.

NZ safety Week is designed to make New Zealander’s think about safety, the reality of ‘accident’ statistics in NZ, and how to protect themselves from unnecessary risks of injury and even death.

The SMP was “Take five to think about personal safety”
The key areas of concern are ‘At work’, ‘Children’, ‘On the road’, ‘At home’, and ‘Sport & recreation’.


Many new zealanders are starting to reject / opt out of public safety messages as they are bombarded with more and more covering everything from speeding, wearing safety belts, cutting down on consuming alcohol, good parenting etc. On top of this, ACC also has a whole host of accident prevention messages it wants people to take on board.


Create an intriguing art installation outside Wellington City Art Gallery based upon the five key themes of ‘at work’, ‘in the home’, ‘in the car’, ‘kids’ and ‘on the sports field’ but without fully revealing it’s purpose until launch day.

This installation would unfold over three days until the ‘reveal’ as to what it was all about.

Comprising mannequins representing each of the five themes, everything was white, including their clothing and props. This all gave a slightly surreal, artistic air to the display.

On the first day, the installation was set up at 5.30am so it was already in place when the first early morning joggers and commuters went by. There was no signage, nor explanation of what this art piece was all about.

At 6.30am on day two, each of the themed parts of the installation had numbers fixed to their bodies, but no other explanations. By this time, hundreds of members of the public had stopped to look and try and understand what it was all about.  The security guards were routinely being asked what the ‘art exhibition’ was all about?

Day three was a Sunday, and the official launch of NZ Safety Weekend. We were at the site at 6.30am to carry out the ‘reveal’.

We put up a large banner on the side of the Art Gallery and sandwich boards alongside each of the scenarios, where some sobering statistics, coinciding with the ‘numbers’ fixed to the mannequins bodies were revealed about accidents causing injury and even death.

Later in the day, there were also some interesting diversions and entertainment as ACC gave out brochures and other material, asking people to ‘Take Five, and think about safety for the week’.


Was it art? Well, the public certainly thought so.

By the end of day two, hundreds of members of the public had stopped to look and try and understand what it was all about.

Wellington City Art Gallery were inundated with requests for info about the ‘exhibits’ from members of the public

Many people even got their pictures taken standing with the exhibits.

The local media reported on the mystery exhibition, and all in all, we created something that genuinely intrigued and engaged the public of Wellington, making them more receptive to the key messages of the campaign.


Strategy / planning; ideation; creative direction; project management


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