The story so far……..

Like a number of people in the marketing communications agency business, I have taken a fairly unconventional path to get here.
I started my career with ten years in the British Army. From there I made the natural shift into marketing and marketing communications. Well, it was a toss-up between marketing, or becoming a mercenary in Angola, and on a ‘best of three’ coin toss, marketing won.

I have the unique perspective of having been on the client side for 13 years, and made the shift to agency life from the corporate world some 12 years ago. My last corporate stint was seven years with New Zealand Post, where I held various senior marketing positions.
From there I became CEO and a shareholder of Hyperactive, one of New Zealand’s leading interactive agencies for nearly four years before joining Clemenger BBDO as Director 360 Degree Planning.
I established TOUCH/CAST in 2004, a small ‘Brand Activation’ agency, where ‘digital’ was the glue that holds a campaign together.
In 2006, with a number of other shareholders, we created TOUCH/CAST NEXT.

Late in 2008, I was persuaded to join the Ikon Communications Group in New Zealand. A new entrant into the New Zealand market, but part of the successful Ikon Communications Group in Australia, Ikon are a full service media and digital strategy agency group.


~ by Lee on August 28, 2008.

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